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Hating eggs is something I am attempting to overcome.
It is one of those things that people cannot comprehend someone not liking at all.  Poached, fried, scrabbled, soldiers, soft boiled.. just no.
I find breakfast near impossible to fathom as I don’t eat cereal, yoghurt, Salmon and rarely do establishments have breakfast dishes minus egg.  I love to go out for meals, I love doing brunch I love the whole casual Sunday, bed hair, coffee, paper, community of it all.  I generally order french toast, pancakes or waffles – which always delicious, it’s too much sugar for such a relaxed and calm atmosphere of it.

So I have commenced my endeavour to make eggs less nausea inducing and eggscrutiating.

I started off with a scrabbled egg, salt, pepper and a sprinkle of parmesan.  This seriously had me gagging and I think I almost shed a tear when i placed a fork near my mouth.  No egg made it to my mouth that day.

Lesson 1 – failure

I then commenced incorporating more eggs to dishes that I liked.  I love savoury cheesecake which is essentially cream cheese, assorted pre-cooked vegies, fetta, cream, s/p and an egg.  So i started adding more eggs, and not one to beat around the bush I started with an additional 5 eggs. It was so eggy, very quiche-like and others loved it but I wasn’t a fan. I did manage to egg through a slice though I was not keen for breakfast the next day and I think i ended up just eating bacon and sausages. Not egg-sactly my aim.

Lesson 2 – somewhat of an accomplishment

I love throwing things together – scrabbled eggs.  Surely with lots of smoked ham, kale, tomato, cream and cheese these eggs with yeild something of a taste sensation.  I think i may have underseasoned it as it was seriously too eggy.  I briefly considered that the cream was too little (although the texture was pretty spectacular) so I think it was just the egg.

I think i ate a chocolate brownie as a reward and to wash it down

Lesson 3 – failure

I wasn’t prepared to give up on the scrambled eggs though. I attempted this a second time, eggschanging one of the whole eggs for an egg yolk.  On this occassion I had assistance with my seasoning and fresh herbs were added and it was on a bed of bacon. This was actually pretty amazing – i am not sure whether it was the yolk or the seasoning or the herbs or the bacon … or my hangover. but it was good.

Lesson 4 – success.

I was so overwhelmed by my success with the eggs that I revisted my quiche-come-cheesecake this time, only using 3 eggs.  I also had assistance with the herbs and seasoning.  I had to stop myself from eating the whole thing. I must digress that this was very cheesecakey and rich so completely less eggy.

Lesson 5 – success.

Not sure I am ready to accept the challenge of breakfast in a dining establishment quite yet. However my eggsperiment is continuing.
This morning I made scrambled eggs


Unfortunately after i took this photo I realised the cream was not so good, I had to substitute for milk and as a non-milk drinker the only milk was some hi-lo watered down crap

It turned out okay… it was edible.


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