When Megan and Jesse both discovered that they were both just as picky as each other, yet both so enthusiastic about food and cooking, The Fussy Foodies was born.

A journey of two passionate foodies making their way though the vast jungle of restaurants, eateries, dining establishments and home-cooked meals taking along with them their officious palates.

Will these discerning eaters be successful in a culinary triumph? Will they push the boundaries of their fussy foods? Will their discerning tastebuds be catered to?

Regardless, there will be recipes, reviews and photos of their favourite finicky foods, whether it be contrary or compromise.


Some of Jesse’s favourite cuisines to least favourite:  Indian > British > Chinese > Middle Eastern > South American > German > French > Japanese > Italian > Spanish > Thai > Vietnamese > Greek

Some of Jesse’s favourite ingredients:  Celery, fish, cauliflower, cabbage, radish, celeriac, lamb, goat, pork belly, kimchi, parsley, coconut, chorizo, chickpeas, coriander seed, chilli, squid, peas, beans, duck, haloumi.


Some of Megan’s favourite cuisines to least favourite: Mexican > Thai > Italian > Indian > Malaysian > French > Indian > Greek > Lebanese >

Some of Megan’s favourite ingredients: Kaffir Leaves, Cumin, Corriander, Cashews, Cream Cheese, Chicken, Rabbit, Duck, Chocolate, Cream, Almond Meal, Tomato


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